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What is the ANOX fund?

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ANOX is a revolutionary, multi-manager investment fund acting as a bridge between average Joe and exclusive hedge funds.

Like shares in a traditional fund, ANX tokens will represent shares in the assets and growth potential of the ANOX fund.

Although ANX tokens are primarily a store of wealth and growth vehicle, the EOS blockchain gives token holders all the benefits of instant, fee-free transactions.


Intrinsic Value
Security Token

Unlike standard ICO tokens, ANX security tokens represent a share in real wealth. 80% of STO proceeds will be invested on behalf of token holders and buy-back funds will be deployed at Net Asset Value, providing investors with a last resort liquidity backstop.

Risk Management
Professional Management

The exceptional returns offered by professional hedge fund managers have traditionally only been available to high net worth individuals and institutions. By pooling the funds of STO participants, ANOX is bringing professional funds management to the masses.

Rational Feedback
Rational Feedback

All markets are subject to boom and bust cycles. When greed and panic take hold, markets are anything but rational. ANOX’s Rational Feedback Mechanism dampens disconnects between NAV and token price, gently nudging each to reflect the other.


ANX tokens are backed by growth, not just sentiment

Partner Fund Performance (2018)

Performance graph

In 2018, Bitcoin suffered a peak to trough decline of more than 65% against the Dollar. The vast majority of altcoins fared even worse, with Ethereum falling by more than 85%.

In stark contrast, our first partner fund delivered net returns exceeding 39% over the same period.

ANX tokens are backed by NAV, but their value will be determined by market forces. That means uncapped upside potential in a bull market ... and a limited risk floor when sentiment fails.

Achievements and Roadmap



Supply: 90 000 000 ANX

Seed: 2 250 000 ANX

Pre-Sale: 4 500 000 ANX

Rational Feedback: 6 750 000 ANX

Public Sale: 60 750 000 ANX (Hard cap)

Team: 15 750 000 ANX (Over 4 years)

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Core Team

Oscar Goullet LinkedIn Logo
Oscar Goullet

Founder & CEO

Nick James LinkedIn Logo
Nick James

Chief Operations Officer

Piotr Bykowski LinkedIn Logo
Piotr Bykowski

Chief Financial Officer

Elliot Hill LinkedIn Logo
Elliot Hill

Chief Communications Officer

Ricardo Kozak LinkedIn Logo
Ricardo Kozak

UI & UX Designer

Samuel Ramos LinkedIn Logo
Samuel Ramos

Front-end Developer

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